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Modern day Americ Essay Example For Students

Modern day Americ Essay My coach,Joe, had one philosophy, run. Every practice we would run for at least half the time. Even during the part of the season where we struggled and couldn’t score goals. Instead of thinking about where we were struggling and changing practice so the team could increase its foot skills, an area where we were lacking, we pressed ahead with running. We scored more goals and it would appear that all the running paid off. Even though what Joe did didn’t seem good at the time, it ended up working out. This is an example of a Hebraic Coach. A different type of coach could be a Hellenic coach. â€Å"Hebraism and Hellenism† by Matthew Arnold talks about these different ways of thinking. Hebraism is doing what what you have always done, knowing that what you have been doing is best for you. Hellenism is questioning everything, never believing that what you have been doing is right and what you do next needs to be questioned. I believe that Hellenism is a better form of thinking. For this reason it has become a popular way of thinking. The Bible is the original source of Hebraism. In the story of Abraham, God tells Abraham to sacrifice his own son. Abraham jumps on the idea and brings his son to a rock on top of a tall mountain. Right before he is about to kill his own son, God comes down from heaven and tells him â€Å"now I know you fear god† and he doesn’t have to kill his own son. This is a very Hebraic story. Never does Abraham even consider thinking about how it might not be a good idea to kill his son. This quote pertains to Arnolds elaboration of the difference between the two, â€Å"never go against the best light you have, take care that your light not be darkness†(5,1,2). God is the best light that Abraham has because of this he will follow him blindly never once making sure that God should be followed. Another story of Hebraism in the Bible is the story of Adam and Eve. God says that no one can eat the fruit from one particular tree. Despite this Eve eats a piece of fruit from this tree. This makes God very angry and he kicks both of them out of the garden of Eden forever. This story shows how Hebraic the Bible because the Way of Hebraism â€Å"is conduct and obedience† (5,1,4). God demands perfect obedience from everyone or they will be punished. He is the same as my soccer coach Joe. If we didn’t play well then we would run. If you don’t follow Gods word then you will be punished. For as often as Hebraism is shown in the Bible, Hellenism is shown in Greek literature. The Greeks believed more in thinking. Some of the greatest thinkers in the world were Greek such as Socrates or Plato. Socrates was a thinker. He questioned everything that happened, he accepted no truths. When the Greeks went to war with the Trojans, Socrates was not supportive. He was outspoken in his distaste with the war. The reason he was brought to trial was because he wouldn’t support the war. When there are wars in the olden times it was very important to have a united home front of support. These actions by Socrates show Hellenism. â€Å"Take care your light be not darkness†(5,1,1) is a great quote to describe Socrates. It means that you should never take for-granted that what you are doing is the right thing; that is what Socrates was doing when talking about the war. Another story from the Greeks that describes Hellenism is the story Achilles. He was the greatest warrior in the world but he sat out one of the biggest battles ever. When his king, Agamemnon stole his slave girls Achilles knew that this was an injustice. With Hellenism one should always â€Å"see things the way they are†. Achilles did this and knew he had to fight for his own justice. .u0ec9d07af41ace81789d4fa476516047 , .u0ec9d07af41ace81789d4fa476516047 .postImageUrl , .u0ec9d07af41ace81789d4fa476516047 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u0ec9d07af41ace81789d4fa476516047 , .u0ec9d07af41ace81789d4fa476516047:hover , .u0ec9d07af41ace81789d4fa476516047:visited , .u0ec9d07af41ace81789d4fa476516047:active { border:0!important; } .u0ec9d07af41ace81789d4fa476516047 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u0ec9d07af41ace81789d4fa476516047 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u0ec9d07af41ace81789d4fa476516047:active , .u0ec9d07af41ace81789d4fa476516047:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u0ec9d07af41ace81789d4fa476516047 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u0ec9d07af41ace81789d4fa476516047 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u0ec9d07af41ace81789d4fa476516047 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u0ec9d07af41ace81789d4fa476516047 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u0ec9d07af41ace81789d4fa476516047:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u0ec9d07af41ace81789d4fa476516047 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u0ec9d07af41ace81789d4fa476516047 .u0ec9d07af41ace81789d4fa476516047-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u0ec9d07af41ace81789d4fa476516047:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Mental Illness EssayHebraism is still alive and well today. It has a way of coming out in people in times of fear or when they need something. One group of people who always need something are congressmen. Republican congressmen in particular tend to think with a Hebraic mindset. For the past 20 years a man named Grover Norquist has had Republicans sign a pledge saying they will never raise taxes. This is very Hebraic because they just blindly follow this pledge even if it is not the right path for the country. They think that this pledge is their great light even when in reality it is just blackmail. Another form of Hebraism in the world today is still the Bible. People have decided that they will live their lives based on a book written century ago. On mainly social issues such as gay marriage people will not think at all about what is right or fair they just follow the Bible. You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination was written in a time that is totally different from now. The fact that people wont even think about what is right, this is what makes it Hebraic. People have a right to their own opinion but they also at least think about the other side. Hellenism, the other way of thinking, is also still around. People who use a more Hellenic approach in live tend to think about what they do more and a decide if it is the right decision they wont just blindly follow orders and while this can be problematic at times, it also makes for better at critical thinking. One example of Hellenism in the world now is the fact that the American people elected a black President. This was something that not even 30 years ago would have been thought possible. This took an American populace that was less concerned about what was the norm and what was better for the country. A second example of the Hellenist influences in the country today is the Occupy Wall Street movement. People really had to see through years of cloudiness to see the true light that was the fact that corporations can do more bad than good for this country. It would have been easy for people to sit back and just think that nothing was wrong. The scale of the movement is what makes it show the true moment while some things like gay marriage for the Hebraic way are fading while the Occupy movement is new and strong. The better and becoming more popular way of thinking in the country in Hellenism. We are coming off a time in this country where we were very Hebraic. The attacks of 9/11 created a time when being Hebraic was good. We needed a strong leader to organize and keep people calm. As these attacks fade into the background the country has turned to social change. We elected an African American President something that was never thought possible. The Occupy Wall Street movement was a time when people where trying to change there light they realized that big business was in fact hurting this country not helping and wanted to make a difference. We are not yet perfect but the path is being laid for a bright future.

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Arguments of the Legalization of Marijuana Essay Example Essay Example

Arguments of the Legalization of Marijuana Essay Example Paper Arguments of the Legalization of Marijuana Essay Introduction When discussing the legalization of Marijuana, take a mechanistic view of one symptom of a much larger social problem. You cannot talk about legalizing marijuana without getting into discussions of other â€Å"Social problems†. I am talking about all other â€Å"drugs†Ã¢â‚¬â€œ prostitution, health care, social security, or just about any other issue that we as a country, and as a people are dealing with. For the purposes of this paper, I will confine, or rather use the legalization of marijuana issue as a model for how we can deal with this, as well as other problems that we are correcting as we approach the next millenium. The obvious arguments for legalization that are used, happen to be ones that the masses that make this argument usually resort to– the health and environment benefits. One argument that is hardly ever used, however, and the one that I wish to concentrate on, is the fact that the drug problems in this country, as well as the others that are listed above are included in the group of â€Å"SOICIAL PROBLEMS†. Think about that for a minute. What entails? A social problem is a problem that faces a society. Now I want you to think about your society. Not society, but your specific and immediate society. Arguments of the Legalization of Marijuana Essay Body Paragraphs What does it consist of? Whom does it consist of? Immediate answers might be school, neighborhood, church, work, town, and family. In other words, we can define it as your community. Your community is your society, now exclusive of your friends and others you consider to be in your peer group who may actually encourage certain types of â€Å"Immoral† behavior. Who in your community would sit back and let you abuse your body and mind with excessive drug use? Schools would suspend; families could react with everything from tough love to ultimatums. Very rarely is it someone outside of your society that will reach out to you and give that helping hand. We will write a custom essay sample on Arguments of the Legalization of Marijuana Essay Example specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Arguments of the Legalization of Marijuana Essay Example specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Arguments of the Legalization of Marijuana Essay Example specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Some ex-drug abuser’s testimony may spark the revelation in you to kick your habit. But it is your community that will help you. You see, put very simply, drug abuse is a â€Å"Social Problem† and more often than not your society will help you or ostracize you, depending of course on your particular situation. Thus, while you may not kick, you would certainly take steps to curb your habit from becoming obvious or debilitating to your life. Now what does this have to do with legalization? I’ll tell you. As long as the government is waging the war on drugs, in a poor manner I might add, society won’t. Society won’t because it doesn’t have to, the government takes care of it for us, so rather than discuss these issues with your child you can spend that time working, in order to pay the government to keep protecting your child for you. The problem with government intervention, stretching past drugs, is that the government is not a community, it is a large beaurocratic mess of forms, protocols, and so on. The reason for this is nothing more than the simple fact that the government tries to deal with everyone at the same time. What works in Peoria, Illinois on Tuesday may not work for Winder, Georgia on Wednesday. The government looks at us as a series of numbers and statistics and then they create the laws and regulations designed to effect the greatest number of people, or the majority. When the anomalies pop up into the equation, more structures and regulations are added to try and accommodate the new statistics. Let’s take a look at how this would work in a classroom. The exercise is simple– using just the first initial and last name of each of the students in a random class, as well as their social security numbers and the grades that they have received over the course of the current school year, divide the class into three groups. Every group is to write an evaluation of the study habits, and general scholastic performance of every student. Using that information, design a system to improve the class. Next, put all of this information together and try and apply it to the rest of the school, and then apply it to the entire school system. Now this is a very simplistic exercise and I acknowledge the fact that the drug problem is more complex, but this serves as an example of what happens when the government tries to use regulations to deal with a social problem. First of all, the information consists of nothing but numbers. The information tells nothing of whether a student was sick on the week he received a zero on a test, or what was happening in their private lives that could effect the grades received for a particular assignment. There are thousands of unique factors that contribute to each and every student’s individual performance. To try and look at just numbers and try to regulate behavior based on that information is not only a Herculean task, but also it is an almost impossible mission to accomplish. The sheer manpower that such an endeavor would take– gathering the information, collating, processing, analyzing, modifying, and then turning it over to a committee to decide how it is all going to be used is a never ending task. You’d have a better chance of gathering an infinite number of monkeys to write all of Shakespeare’s works, and It would take less time for the monkeys. (Haha) You can start to see the ineffectiveness of a large beauracracy trying to deal with problems that are so obviously needed to be dealt with by our social communities, in turn, social problems. Now if you asked the instructor of a class to summarize the scholastic performance of each of their students, chances are they are going to be able to tell you things. For example, when the student was sick, or whether or not they had difficulty understanding a particular segment or assignment, but otherwise do fine in class. Now ask that instructor what they would do to improve their classroom. It will probably work for that classroom or society if you will. Say for instance there is a window that opens onto a playground and the teacher says that a set of blinds to keep the kids from being distracted would improve class performance. Does that mean that all classrooms should have blinds on their windows? With marijuana, the problem is essentially the same. If you look at all of the kids who smoke marijuana as individuals you will see that the reasons and motivations for their use numbers in the thousands. You have peer pressure, escapism, or just simple experimentation and these are just a few to name. Later on, take a piece of paper and make a list of reasons for using drugs, such as marijuana. Not your reasons, just the reasons that anybody may feel at a given time. Now, similar to the first exercise, try and make a regulation that covers all of the reasons why abuse runs rampant. Now remember, these are the reasons you came up with, there are now 259 million other Americans with their own list of reasons why. You get the idea that the task on hand is an overwhelming one at the least. It is something that the government, any government anywhere, could never ever accomplish. This brings us back to the main thrust of this paper. Legalization of marijuana like any other social problem is just that– a social problem. And as a social problem, it is best dealt with within a society. Societies that consist of people who know you, care for you, and even love you. Given the chance, we as a people will in fact work out these and any other problems that we, as a society, and individuals are confronted with in our daily existence.

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Evas Print Shop Essays

Evas Print Shop Essays Evas Print Shop Essay Evas Print Shop Essay Eva’s Print Shop: tripled bottom line operates as a social business and a corporate structure divided in terms of it’s two businesses some horizontal connection between the teams but not a clear functional structure hybrid between functional and divisional innovative features: social business (mohamed yunous) – integrating the production (commercial) and the teaching (social) business side – bringing in money to sustain the organization social side 2002 – they used to be funded by federal grants BUT caveat w. overnment funding required the trainees to be paid†¦ issue: these are homeless youth and they are being taken off the streets – giving them homes and are taught basic survival skills on how to live, and take care of themselves any kind of not for profit formula has strict guidelines which is why they switched because it was counter intuitive to the social goal. Case: Who: (names and position): Andrew Macdonald and the Advisory Bo ard (primary stakeholders) Eva’s initiatives What: (Key Issues): Whether or not to expand and if so how Why: (Root Causes): Funding Will the business side fund the social side? Need to help more at risk youth is pressing – growing problem When (Timeline): No, just as it works for the company Changing the funding has put some constraints on the economic business, BEP Analysis: (application of course concepts, models, theories): Performance: changing in funding formula away from government funding was made after 2005 strategic review – allowed Eva’s Phoenix †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. How did this impact its organizational design? Strategy: integration of its social and commercial elements of the enterprise – triple bottom line, includes environmental – uses Bullfrog Power Models: triple-bottom line effectiveness measures: goal approach – internal process model: how does the training side interact with the commercial side? How are conflicts resolved? resource model: by choosing bullfrog power, they may be paying more for their power but using homeless youth – they may be comprising their efficiency and quality Balancing Act between the 2 Professionalism – more professional you’re staff, the more you have to pay them Decision Criteria 1. ncrease youth participation 2. increase efficiency on the economic business side 3. feasibility and funding 4. keeping or increasing the synergy 5. no compromise the social or environmental objectives for the business objectives 6. complexity in the design structure 7. maintaining your volunteers Alternatives: 1. Keep the structure the same but tweak it, make economic more efficient (incremental efficiencies) 2. Grow the business using the same structure – just bigger 3. Grow geographically – replicating the model in different cities where there is a similar need 4. Separate the print shop and the social initiatives Evaluation of Alternatives 1. Incremental efficiencies will allow for more professionalism and customer focus – some basic training before anyone works in the print shop handling customer materials – meets a, b, c d 2. Growing the†¦ Recommendation/Implementation/contingency finding a suitable location – must find advisory board and volunteers securing funding to run a similar operation – finance volunteer finding customers and sales volunteer onnecting with volunteer agency in the designated city to source homeless youth and discuses details on how to manage the process hiring staff with the expertise needed to run both the print side and the social side create and accountability Constrains Budgetary issues Timelines Downside Risk: Failure of program – volunteer not committed Not find youth who are interested in staying and learning new skills Not enough customers Contingency: partner ing with a local social agency and try to implement the program using their infrastructure and recourse while providing your expertise

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Realism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Realism - Essay Example Various heated arguments have developed on realism and many scholars have come out their own construed versions of the perceived realism. Kenneth Waltz argues that all of the various explanations for the causes of war can be easily filtered into three images: that of man, the state and the international system. Applying Waltz’s logic to the realist camp, distinct categories of explanations can be readily identified. For example, traditional realism, with its emphasis on individuals, explains international phenomena and state behaviour from the point of view that human nature is intrinsically evil. Structural realism on the other hand throws out this assumption, and conducts an analysis based on the objective nature of the international structure, a system-level analysis. From the perspective of units of analysis, the different casual stories told by realist thinkers can be divided into three distinct categories: human nature realism, state-centric realism and system-centric realism2. Human nature realism, also known as biological realism, 3Donelly emphasizes man's biological abilities and intrinsically evil nature. Most classical realists (including the many modern political philosophers who have contributed to the development of realist thought), including especially Machiavelli, Herbert Butterfield, Reinhold Niebuhr, and Hans Morgenthau fall into this category. Morgenthau's theory is the best example of human nature realism in international relations. In â€Å"Politics among Nations†, Morgenthau. presents a systematic discussion of the basic principles of realism. The first of these principles consists of an assumption regarding the role of human nature in politics: politics 'is governed by the objective laws that have their root in human nature.' In Morgenthau's view, 'political man is a selfish animal, and all human behaviour tends towards the control of others.' As a result, battles over power are rooted in human nature and as such are central to politics.4 State-centric realism looks for explanations for international relations phenomena and state behaviour from the vantage point of individual states (including national attributes, national interests and domestic politics). It is generally thought that realism does not concern domestic aspects of politics, or that consideration of such domestic issues represents a step away from realism's core concerns. Griffiths. M (1999) this type of view though represents an obvious misunderstanding of realism. The neo-classical realism argues more explicitly that individual states should be integrated into the theories of foreign policy. Scholars working to these ends have attempted to establish a connection between the state and system-levels of analysis, and have emphasized the role of domestic factors in explaining how state behaviour leads to outcomes at the system level. From the writings of the mainstream neo-classical realists, states are still treated as the determining factors in the analysis of foreign policy and state behaviour, thus these theories are considered to be 'second image' theories.

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Tourism and Modernity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Tourism and Modernity - Essay Example Tourism and Modernity The concept of the suburb was born with the birth of the railway as it suddenly became convenient for individuals to live with their families in the more spacious homes of the country and still make it into town in time to open their shops in the early morning and return home for dinner. In addition to opening up the economic frontier, these new technologies also made other new concepts available. â€Å"A hugely important development in the history of travel took place when the journey ceased to be regarded as an uncomfortable and possibly dangerous means to an end, and was appreciated instead as an expression of personal freedom and a route to re-definition of the self† (Jarvis, 2004: 84). The introduction of steam ships and railways meant that travel between countries was more available to a wider proportion of the population on both sides of the channel. As the tourism industry grew, making travel between countries easier, individuals given the luxury of movement represente d in the automobile gained even freer movement as they were suddenly able to determine for themselves start and stop times without sacrificing much of the speed of railway travel. Other innovations, such as the bicycle, led to the development of specialist tourism clubs. However, in bringing the railway to the various places and spaces of the country and the world, the individual identities of these spaces were subjected to the industrialized ‘factory system’ beginning with the need to standardize practice.

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Our Biosphere, Our Future Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Our Biosphere, Our Future - Essay Example This study outlines that the solution is reducing the amount of non-biodegradable materials we use like Styrofoam and plastics. Truly, it is often a difficult task to make such broad changes, but we must for future generations. It’s all about the Golden Rule: â€Å"And as ye would that men should do to you, do you also to them likewise†. If we would expect others to keep our air, food, and water clean for us, so should we do for them. To check our progress, we could measure the amount of non-renewable energy we use and the amount of non-biodegradable material in our landfills every year. We have specified the problem, offered solutions, considered ethics, and proposed measures. A concern for future generations should motive us against any future encroachments against nature. Hopefully, some of these ideas may be applied to help save nature for future generations of people.

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Fundamentals of Marketing

Fundamentals of Marketing Kirsty Hayes, Bianca Jones, Chris Duffy, Tim Stone EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The purpose of this report is to gain further insight into AAMIs current position in the personal car insurance market and to identify suitable marketing strategies to meet the needs of current and future customers. Despite being the largest insurer in the motor vehicle market there are many new competitors undercutting insurance premiums, mostly through online sales and service. Current competition includes IAG, on policy, and Budget Direct, on a price point. Since the GFC consumers have shown to be more cautious but with higher expectations. Current measures of internet and social media use shows the incredible scope of data facebook is able to collect from target segments. Loyalty and time wasted choosing a company are the most important characteristics of insurance seekers. They are most likely to use trusted brands when not engaged in the process. Surveys also found Australia wide retention of insurance customers more than 50%, however 75% of customers are not likely to seek out a company but want to make the best purchase decision. A further 10% want convenience purchasing insurance. AAMI must maintain its focus on consistent, excellent customer service, and utilising facebook to identify and communicate with customers. The process of purchasing a policy and making claims must be refined further strengthening the AAMI brand. INTRODUCTIONLACE INFLUENCING This report aims to provide a summary of where AAMI is situated against its market competitors and help develop a marketing strategy to promote sustained long term business opportunities. The ABS (2016) estimated 17.7 million vehicles registered in Australia at the 31st October 2014 whilst Tiwari (2014) claims the Domestic Motor Insurance segment is worth 6 Billion dollars in premiums per year and is the largest is the Australian general insurance market. AAMI face a multitude of competition in the Australian Motor Insurance segment and this paper will identify two competitors, IAG group and Budget Direct. This report is broken into two major sections, the first will evaluate and analyse competition along with demographic and technological trends and understanding how these factors may affect business in both the short and long term. The second part identifies possible segmentation which is involved with purchasing motor insurance. Providing historic trend information from the market will help create a new marketing strategy. INSURANCE INDUSTRY OVERVIEW The insurance industry has had some significant hurdles in recent years, these have changed the way insurers need to market themselves and maintain profits. Buyers have become more cautious; expectations of products and services have increased since the global financial crisis (How Australian insurers can achieve profitable growth in a challenging market 2017). Pay-outs for natural disasters have increased in frequency and value due to climate change, effecting insurers bottom lines (Insurance industry and climate change 2017). With the large number of insurers in the market creating intense competition, each company needs to ensure they have the right mix of products and customers to maintain their overall profit. AAMI WITHIN THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY AAMI positions itself as the customer focused and fun insurance company, to differentiate from other insurers and say they are the not very insurancy insurer using comical advertisements which attract younger consumers (AAMI 2017). It seems to be working for them, AAMI sits at number 5 of the top ten list of best insurance companies within Australia (Top Tens 2016). Below is a chart which shows AAMIs position within the market. RECENT TRENDS THAT IMPACT THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY       Usage based insurance (UBI) While UBI is not a new concept in places like the US, it is only recently becoming common place within the Australian insurance industry (Dipak 2015). Things like pay-as-you-drive insurance, where customers only pay insurance for the kilometres they actually drive and pay-how-you-drive insurance, where customers get discounts for being safer drivers (Lukens 2014). This means customers can decrease their premiums to a rate previously impossible with other methods and feel like they have more control over what they pay. It also enables better identification of customer segments for future planning of products. The Internet of Things Still an upcoming trend within the insurance industry, as explained by Forbes (Morgan 2014) this is the concept of basically connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet (and/or to each other). Wearable technology for tracking heart rates, exercise, sleep patterns and more are being used in collaboration with health insurers. Sensors in cars are being used to calculate the risk of particular drivers by tracking speed, acceleration, and braking distance (Liew 2016). This information helps to speed up the claim process with more detailed information of accidents (Kumaresan 2016). For the insurance industry, this means more information available to calculate premiums and reduce risk for insuring specific customers. KEY COMPETITORS As Tiwari (2015) explains the Motor Insurance marketplace could be divided up into 4 segment areas. There are 2 major firms which own multiple companies and these are the Suncorp Group and the IAG Group with the rest of the industry made up from smaller competitors (image 1 gives a detailed example). Appendix A is an online comparison of comprehensive policies between NMRA, Budget Direct and AAMI. As Lamb (2016) highlights international firms need to take into account local domestic firms which are also fighting for a share of the market. Image 1 (image sourced from IAG Group The IAG group is our biggest competitor and will continue to be into the future as they share a similar infrastructure to AAMI. IAG also have national leverage through their independent brands RACV, NMRA, SGIO and SGIC. IAG have a major focus on making the world a safer place (IAG Group, 2017). IAG products tend to balance between price, volume, and service. They have no major advantage over our brand. Budget Direct Budget Direct are a small player being very aggressive to gain major market share. They specialise in insuring low risk clients to keep premiums down (Budget Direct, 2017) thus sitting in the price sensitive area. They have some advantages for customers compared to AAMI on their standard comprehensive product such as offering a no claim bonus on windscreen damage. Appendix A provides a detailed summary. A KEY PLAYER OF IMPORTANCE Australias population is currently 23.3 million people with more than 15 million owning smartphones. According to Neilsen, we spend on average of over one hour per day using smart phones, of which 35% of the time is spent on social media. According to Forbes (2016), in the social media landscape, Facebook is the most popular site with more than 15 million users and in a survey by Sensis in 2016, for more than 12 hours per week so it makes sense that our advertising can reach more customers in an increasingly competitive market. By developing a partnership with Facebook, AAMI can target market segments differently using each groups interests based on data received from the company. Nadia Cameron from IDG (2016) identified raising of brand awareness and conversions as the major reasons for AAMI using Facebook marketing. Failure in this partnership would be fatalistic with over 1.7 billion users worldwide connected to Facebook. OTHER FACTORS INFLUENCING THE INDUSTRY Technological Trends Online Applications AAMI has launched the AAMI Access ® Application which they have marketed as Insurance in your Pocket (AAMI 2016). It allows you to monitor and update your policies, make an instant claim and upload claim photos from your device, and allows claim and live repair tracking. As at 30 June 2016, there were approximately 22 million mobile handset subscribers in Australia (ABS, 2016) making the creation of an online application a great innovation as it allows an easier service for the consumer and the insurance agency and leverages off the fact that consumers are becoming more advanced in online technology. This is not the only application available from insurance companies but it will continue to grow in trend. Self-Driving Cars (2016) says that there are already self-driving Volvos on the road in Sweden and in 2017, there will be over 100 on public roads, and this will continue to grow. This trend will be crucial to car insurance companies as it will alter the way insurance is provided, calculated and it could make it more difficult to prove which vehicle is in the wrong. Demographic Trends Cars in Victoria The Australian Bureau of Statistics (2011) states there were a total of 1,944,688 motor vehicles in Victoria. Car insurers need to keep abreast of current trends and ensure ease and simplicity when dealing with consumers and insurance. SECTION 2: SEGMENTATION FRAMEWORK CONSUMER CHARACTERISTICS In this section, we recommend a way that AAMI could segment their market so they can have more targeted marketing. There are many things a consumer will look at when deciding on a car insurance company. Global Reviews regularly conducts research into how a consumer purchases car insurance, and posted in May 2015, that 71% of consumers had a brand in mind before beginning their research, only 34% of these consumers still preferred that brand at the end of their research. However, AAMI was the clear leader in an unprompted recall at 73%. The research found that 74% are current customers when they choose a car insurance policy. Lamb (2013) says that goods and services that are purchased regularly are associated with routine response behaviour, showing that those who already have a policy with AAMI are more likely to continue to renew their policies with AAMI. A trusted brand is also a high priority when deciding on car insurance. The research shows that 53% trust the brand they chose ( 2015) and Lamb (2013) says that when consumers dont want to have to think too much about a purchase decision, they often revert to known and trusted brand names. Based on the secondary research, two different consumer characteristics have been identified that are important in the car insurance category. Characteristic Type of segmentation Description Why is this characteristic important to AAMI? Lifestyle How much time spent searching for car insurance Psychographic This relates to how much time consumers are willing to research different car insurance deals. This impacts how likely a new customer is to find Aami appealing and how likely an existing customer is to find a better deal elsewhere. Personality How loyal they are to a certain company Psychographic This relates to how often a customer is willing to change insurance companies. This impacts how likely a customer is to switch insurance companies if a better deal is found. Table 3. Consumer Characteristics of importance to car insurance purchase decisions SEGMENTATION FRAMEWORK Based on these two key characteristics one way that AAMI could segment their market into the following four segments: How much time is spent researching Little to no time researching Extensive researching How loyal they are to a certain company Very loyal Customers for life This segment contains customers which either do not have time to research or are not interested in researching different insurers due to loyalty to their current company. Great if you are their current company but difficult to get across from somewhere else. Knowledge is power This segment contains customers who have the time and drive to research different companies but who prefer to stay with their existing company. They are more likely to try to get a better deal with their current insurer than switch. Not very loyal Only if they have to This segment contains the customers who know they need insurance but dont waste time thinking about the details. They may perform a basic search and go with the insurer they notice first. Flashy adds will draw their attention. Simply the bestà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦. for less This segment contains the customers who will spend as much time as needed to search for the very best deal no matter who it is from. Having the details which set you apart from competitors on your website is key for these customers. Table 4. Proposed segmentation framework for AAMI. SEGMENT PROFILES The following information has been used to roughly estimate the size of each of these segments. In order to more accurately determine the segment size and segment profile, AAMI would be required to conduct further research with consumers. Generation Y is the most under-insured generation, with a World Insurance Report showing only 36 per cent, compared to 52 per cent of others (Han 2016) Studies indicate, 86 per cent of Australian consumers would only consider between one to three insurers when selecting their next policy (Martin 2016) A survey showed only 15 per cent of respondents believed it was essential to find the cheapest product (Myth vs Reality The Expectation Gap in the ANZ Insurance Industry 2016, p 4) A survey also showed that Australian insurers have retention rates of more than 50 per cent across the board (Myth vs Reality The Expectation Gap in the ANZ Insurance Industry 2016, p 7) DESCRIPTION Customers for Life Knowledge is power Only if they have to Simply the bestà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦for less Estimated % of consumers 50% 25% 10% 15% Expectation of segment to grow/shrink Shrink With more information on competing products being in social media this segment is expected to shrink. Grow With more ways now available for consumers to customise their insurance or barter with companies this segment is expected to grow. Constant Some behaviours will never change, time poor or uninterested consumers will always be a constant overall in any industry. Grow With more ways for consumers to easily find information on different companies it is expected that this segment will grow. Purchase behaviour They are not likely to seek out new insurers but would have no choice but to hear about new products through social media They want to make the best purchase decision but also believe that staying with one company is beneficial. They will make quick decisions on insurance if they feel they need to have it even though they dont really want it They will conduct thorough research to find the best deals available. Price and product is their drive, not brand loyalty. Brand Preference This group prefers well- known brands as they are more trusted and seen as a good choice for the long term, once they find an insurer they stick with them. This group also prefers well-known brands for the same reasons but are likely to switch between the big 4 or 5 insurers when necessary. This group has no specific brand preference. They may choose based on the insurers used by people they know or by which insurer comes up first in their low level of research. This group has no brand preference. It is not guided by friends and family insurers either. They go with whomever has the best deals in their eyes. Potential Profit Moderate At the moment the profit made from this segment would be high due to retention rates. However, with the segment set to shrink, potential future profit will decrease. High If Aami can get the correct product mix to appeal to price conscious buyers Profit will increase from these consumers, they prefer a big brand name like Aami. Moderate Once insured they are less likely to switch, the battle is getting them in the beginning, once with Aami they should be life-long customers. Flashy advertising is needed. Low This segment is always looking for better deals, if Aami arent the cheapest in the industry these customers will switch. This doesnt work with AAMIs customer service image. CONCLUSION The Motor Insurance Industry has never been the most exciting in terms of innovation or technology (Sahoo, 2015). Insurance companies have been slow to adopt technology and innovation into their programs. This is beginning to change because of the digital age that we live. With the population in Australia constantly growing the demand for motor vehicle insurance will always be high. With good branding and positive company exposure AAMI can maintain their presence as a major player in the market place. IAG group is a competitor we will need to constantly monitor as they pose the biggest threat to our overall market share. It is recommended that AAMI continue to invest in technological and social branding, making it easier for people to connect with the brand. Continual research needs to be done on consumer insights involving brand perception along with potential customers. This would benefit our industry segmentation profile and strengthen our framework criteria. 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